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The TopoDOT process uses the right balance of automation and quality assurance to make your point cloud projects successful.

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High-Quality Deliverable

Digital Twin Production

At the lowest possible cost

TopoDOT is a comprehensive solution to point cloud feature extraction, geospatial data management, and other applications of digital twins in infrastructure. The TopoDOT production process is designed to meet the unique challenges of geospatial data acquired along road, rail, utility and other land survey applications. With the right balance between automation, quality, and dedicated support, we ensure complex project requirements are met at the lowest possible cost.

Increase your Productivity

The TopoDOT Solution

Balancing Automation & Quality

We are more than a point cloud processing software application. Our solution offers processes that make your projects more successful by increasing productivity while delivering the highest quality deliverable. From road, rail, structural and GIS applications, TopoDOT can bridge the gap from scan assessment and extraction to data governance and management.

Automated and Accurate

Point Cloud Processing

solutions for digital twin production

Topography, models, and more


We realize the value of geospatial data collected along road and highway transportation corridors. That's why TopoDOT is a unique, quality-controlled process to provide topographic & 3D structural models, GIS asset data, and other digital twin infrastructure deliverables.

Our tools leverage AI to balance automation and quality to enable your team to quickly and accurately extract complex features from point clouds, saving you time and money.

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Highest possible accuracy


TopoDOT can quickly extract assets and topography from railway data, from rails, ballast topography, catenary, tower, and more. Maximize productivity while maintaining quality with our process to create best-in-class deliverables for rail applications.

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Identify, locate, and extract

Structural Modeling

From topography contours to highly detailed models of any structure, TopoDOT offers highly productive tools and workflows for 3D model extraction. The synergy of hundreds of TopoDOT feature extraction tools operating on a mature and powerful CAD engine offer unrivaled performance.

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Extract complex 3d models


TopoDOT’s Automatic Asset ID tool extracts geographic information system (GIS) assets quicker than any other method. There could be hundreds of assets in a single point cloud capture of a road corridor, and with traditional methods, it could be an expensive and daunting task to extract them all.

Our tool uses machine learning to differentiate types of assets and attributes, finding them automatically and accurately.

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Training & Support

from in-House professionals

Need guidance on our tools and workflows? We've got you covered! TopoDOT offers many different options in online support and training to make sure you get the help you need to become a TopoDOT expert!

From resources like our University and Wiki sites, to our one-on-one demos and online training, there's many excellent ways to improve your workflow.

Unique process to boost productivity and profits

The TopoDOT difference

TopoDOT Process - click to find our Process Page
TopoDOT is more than just a collection of tools. TopoDOT is a comprehensive process solution! Execute well-documented process to manage and share your data.
TopoDOT Productivity - click to find our Productivity and Profitability Page
TopoDOT offers a comprehensive tool suite providing just the right balance between automation & quality. Quickly extract topographies, assets, 3D models.
TopoDOT Profitability - click to find our Productivity and Profitability Page
TopoDOT's License programs were designed for the financial success of the TopoDOT community. Unlimited free installations and pay-for-usage annual fees make it easy.

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