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Geospatial Data


Geospatial Data Management is key to any project’s success due to the large amount of data. From point clouds to images, coordinates, metadata and more, operational success is dependent on the ability to organize, store, and access this data quickly and inexpensively. TopoShare optimizes all levels of digital twin production and project management.

The TopoShare flow diagram. This diagram lays out how our services enable collaboration throughout the entire project.
Brent Bass, Geospatial Services Division Manager, DRMP
Geospatial Services Division Manger

Brent Bass, PE, SIT


"TopoShare has allowed DRMP to provide a quality value-added service to our clients. TopoShare's online portal provides a user-friendly application not only to external clients but has also become one of our best tools internally as well. Having all of our LiDAR projects online and easily shareable has proven itself invaluable."

Integrated with TopoDOT

The TopoShare Process

Unparalleled Data Management

Step 1:

Organize Data for Low-Cost Storage and Transfer

Reorganize large area point cloud data files into a smaller and more manageable tiles. The TopoDOT platform will automatically create a tile map over the point cloud and quickly divide up data into individual files corresponding to each tile. To access data, simply load in the tile map, click on desired tiles and data files will be loaded from your storage medium.

Step 1 of the TopoShare process
Step 2 of the TopoShare process

Step 2:

Create Data Warehouse Using TopoShare Administrator

With TopoShare Basic, you can create a geospatial project data warehouse within Amazon S3 or Azure. Once organized, select the catalogue file(s) containing the desired localized data and input those tiles into TopoShare app. With one click, TopoShare uploads your organized project data into your data warehouse for low-cost storage, interaction and access!

Step 3:

Access your Data with the TopoShare Basic Web Portal

The TopoShare Basic Web Portal is included with every TopoDOT license. Gain instant access to data within any project data warehouse where you have access. Quickly locate a product from the intuitive geospatial display, select the project and download your desired data directly into TopoDOT, including project data, metadata, analyses and digital twins. Employ these assets into any application, in or out of the TopoDOT environment!

Step 3 of the TopoShare Process.
Step 4 of the TopoShare Process.

Step 4:

TopoShare Enterprise Creates the Most Efficient Production Process

TopoShare Enterprise provides unlimited interaction with project data across operations. Our file-based transfer strategy keeps costs negligible while providing access to project data, metadata, quality assessments, digital twins and much more.

Interaction at All Levels

Data Governance

at the lowest possible cost

TopoShare Enterprise provides unlimited interaction with project data across operations. While providing access to project data, metadata, quality assessments and available Digital Twin(s), and much more, the exclusively file-based transfer strategy keeps interaction costs negligible-typically a few cents per interaction.

TopoShare & TopoDOT thus overcome the challenge of synchronization of Digital Twin frequency and fidelity by replacing the single universal Digital Twin concept with an "on-demand" production process. This process is optimized to provide quality-controlled topographies, 3D models, analyses and other forms of Digital Twin products where and when they're needed.

TopoShare's quality-controlled data organization and low-cost implementation also facilitates publishing data to GIS databases and niche data viewer applications as needed.

"A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and process, synchronized at a specified frequency and fidelity."

- Digital Twin Consortium

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