Balancing Automation and Accuracy

Productivity & Profitability

Across all Surveying applications

With the TopoDOT Process, you can achieve accelerated schedules, higher production capacity, and increased equipment utilization. This results in higher quality deliverables with less costs, making your projects more profitable.

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Automation without the risk


Feature Extraction and Processing

TopoDOT tools combine automation with our high level of quality control. This means that you can extract features quickly and rest assured that you're getting the best possible quality. Push the limits on extraction speed and avoid anomalies and errors.

Complex Breakline Extraction

Curb & Gutter:10ft (3m) per second

TopoDOT Template Extraction Technology

ADA Ramps & Driveways:1 feature per 20 seconds

TopoDOT Smart Cell Technology

Roadway Corridor TopoGraphy

Roadway:8-10mi (16km) per 1 man-day

TopoDOT Automated Stripe, Template Extraction, Automatic Road Surface Extraction, & more...

Complex Corridor Features

Roundabout:1 roundabout per 8 hours

TopoDOT Automated Stripe, Template Extraction, Automatic Road Surface Extraction, Smart Cells, & more...

3D Structural Models

Bridge:1 bridge per 4 hours

TopoDOT Cross Section Extraction, Automatic Local Coordinate System (ACS) Orientation, Extrusion Along Direction or Path, & more...

Railroad Corridor Topography

Complex Rail Corridor (with Asset Extraction):15mi (24km) per 8 hours

TopoDOT Template Extraction for Rail, Automatic Asset Extraction with AI, Automatic Catenary (cable) Extraction, Automatic Surface Extraction, & more...

Asset Survey

Signs, Poles, Vertical Assets:10 assets per 1 minute (2 minutes with attribution)

TopoDOT automatic asset extraction with artificial intelligence

*Production times are based on performance reports from the worldwide TopoDOT user community. TopoDOT's training programs contribute significantly to achieving optimal performance.
From Our process to your Bottom Line


Realizing your data's full potential

At its core, operational profits are the difference between your project's revenue and the cost of executing your process. TopoDOT's high productivity accelerates schedules, increases production capacity and increases equipment utilization, resulting in lower costs and higher profits.

Accelerated Schedules

Higher Production Capacity

Increased Equipment Utilization

A graph depicting how TopoDOT boosts profits by increasing the productivity of technicians needed for a given project.
Mobile Lidar Manager

Justin Cary

GPI Geospatial Inc.

"TopoDOT is integral to the success of our production team. TopoDOT has helped streamline traditional survey practices and brought them into the future with automated tools that give the capability to make changes quickly and efficiently. The best part is the tools keep getting better and better!"

Justin Cary, Mobile LiDAR Manager, GPI Geospatial
Jo Di Benedetto, Vice President / Director of Surveying and Mapping / Geospatial, GPI Geospatial
Vice President/Director of Surveying and Mapping/geospatial

Joe Di Benedetto, PLS

GPI Geospatial Inc.

"Profit is the result of the success of your business and customer support. TopoDOT plays a key role in our Geospatial Service's LiDAR workflows. It allows us to exceed our customers' expectations by utilizing efficient and advanced tools to provide a quality final product in an impressive amount of time."

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