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We understand geospatial software solutions and their use cases. Our understanding provides a unique process leading to higher productivity and profitability in point cloud processing.

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Founder of Modern Quality Control

W. Edwards Deming

Industrial Engineer

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing."


Geospatial Data

Accuracy & Speed

Our process enables you to realize the full value of modern geospatial point cloud project data. From data acquisition through product delivery, each step is critically important to executing a quality-controlled process meeting the requirements of downstream planning, design, engineering, maintenance, and other operations.

A flowchart of the TopoDOT Process, outlining what role we play in the processing and delivery of geospatial data.
Chief Executive Officer

Paul DiGiacobbe, PE, DBIA


"For well over a decade, I've run successful geospatial operations employing TopoDOT as the primary point cloud project processing solution. TopoDOT's intuitive process has proven critical in assuring the highest performance standards. It's also made it relatively easy to supervise quality-controlled digital twin production."

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In-House Support & Training

The TopoDOT Team has decades of experience in developing processes supporting a wide spectrum of the latest geospatial technologies. Contact us for advice in training and scaling your team to execute a process optimized for operational and financial success!

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