Driving Innovation: Collaborative Success Story of Budapest Közút and TopoDOT

Case Study

As Budapest Közút (Budapest, Hungary), a company operated by the Municipality of Budapest, our mission is to ensure efficient traffic management, maintain infrastructure, and plan urban development of the 5000+ km long road network of our bustling city. Since 2013, we have partnered with TopoDOT team, a leading provider of advanced mapping and 3D point cloud extraction solutions, to achieve these goals.

As the leading authority in traffic management and road operation in Budapest, we face the challenge of efficiently managing traffic-affecting objects and maintaining the highest road quality standards. With urban transportation becoming increasingly complex, precise data analysis is essential. TopoDOT's innovative solutions for 3D point cloud extraction and mapping have been invaluable in addressing these challenges.

Our main activities, including traffic management consultation, road quality assurance, and specialized transportation inspections, require robust data collection and analysis tools. Topodot's comprehensive approach, utilizing mobile and static laser scanners data, has provided us with accurate and detailed spatial information.

By leveraging TopoDOT's semi-automatic evaluation tools, we have streamlined our workflows and enhanced the efficiency of our engineering and inspection activities. The ability to extract precise 3D point clouds has enabled us to identify and analyze traffic-affecting objects effectively, ensuring their seamless integration into Budapest's urban landscape while complying with regulatory requirements.

Through our collaboration with TopoDOT, we have significantly improved our ability to manage traffic, maintain road quality, and conduct specialized inspections in Budapest. This partnership has empowered us to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance transportation safety and efficiency in our city.

At the conclusion of our collaboration with TopoDOT, we have achieved remarkable results:

· High-definition maps: Utilizing TopoDOT's advanced technology, we have produced high-precision 3D maps crucial for supporting the development of autonomous vehicles in Budapest.

· Highway assessment: Successfully evaluated highways and expressways, including vector evaluation of traffic elements like guardrails, concrete barriers, and supports, aiding road planning and design processes.

· Tunnel profile extraction: Extracted vector data from railway tunnels and generated 2D documentation, enhancing our infrastructure management capabilities.

· Bridge clearance and vehicle simulation: Analyzed space profiles to ensure compliance with clearance requirements for oversized vehicle transportation along predetermined routes.

These results underscore the transformative impact of our collaboration with TopoDOT, providing invaluable insights and tools to optimize traffic management, infrastructure maintenance, and urban planning in Budapest.

This case study was written by David Szantay, Project Manager at Budapest Közút Zrt. TopoDOT extends a huge thank you to David and the Budapest Közút Zrt. Team!

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