Zach Diaz - Record Holder for Most Classes Taught at TUC

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It's already been 2 weeks since TUC24, and what an amazing time that was!

Feeling nostalgic? So are we! The record for Most Classes Taught at One TopoDOT Users Conference is our very own Zach Diaz! Here's what he had to say about his experience:

"I knew before TUC I would be juggling a lot of subjects but saw it as a challenge to myself to see what I could do. During the conference I had a lot of people come up to me and give me some very positive feedback on how they liked my teaching style and classes. I was very glad to see the hard work pay off and get the feedback people provided to know that I was able to teach someone something new. My favorite classes that I taught was the power line classes and I felt there was a lot of good conversations happening with those who do it day to day and I got to learn from the attendees as well. I hope to see some of you next year for TUC 25"

A huge thanks to Zach and all the other instructors, who worked diligently on their presentation to deliver the best training possible to our wonderful attendees. See you at TUC25!

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